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Peace of Mind Planning: Losing Money is No Longer an Option

This book has been several years in the making.
It is my belief that this book will be the last book I’ll write in a series of books about how to protect and grow a person’s wealth. Only time will tell if that is the case.

My previous books are as follows:
Bad Advisors: How to Identify Them; How to Avoid Them (
Retiring Without Risk (
The Home Equity Acceleration Plan (H.E.A.P.)
The Home Equity Management Guidebook
The Doctor’s Wealth Preservation Guide

Many topics covered in the above-listed books will be covered in this book. I won’t be able to cover them in as much detail, but I will touch on them so you can understand the importance of each.

If you find certain topics not fully discussed in this book important for your individual situation, you can pick up one of my other books; or you might try surfing the web for more information. Although, be careful with what you read on the web.

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