Links to Forms, Articles, and Statutes from the book

As you found out in the book, there are many forms that are used when going through a divorce through a court of law. What you also found out is that every state has their own set of forms. For the book, we chose to use mostly Michigan and Florida when it came to forms.

We used forms in the book because they are inescapable and sometimes they can be confusing and daunting. So, we talk about them and reference them in the book, but we didn’t want to make the book a “forms” book. Doing so would be boring and would not make for good reading.  

In addition to forms there are many useful articles we found that were also listed in the book. Below are the links with page numbers from the book for readers to click on and read/review.

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Page 35—Divorce statistics by Statista

Page 35—Census Bureau divorce statistics

Page 36—Pew Research Center (8 Facts about Life and Marriage in America)

Page 51—Florida divorce statue

Page 75—Michigan Bar Association Civil Discovery Guidebook

Page 77—Florida Bar Journal article on electronic discovery

Page 77—Florida Bar Association Discovery Handbook

Page 92—Friend of the Court (FOC) Handbook

Page 113—Topic No. 452 Alimony and Separate Maintenance (IRS website)

Page 126—Florida Court Forms (Child Custody Law in Florida)

Page 131—Forbes: Grey Divorce: Its Reasons & Its Implications

Page 135—Florida Bar Journal: The Impact of Co-ownership on Florida Homestead

Page 142—How to Fight A False Restraining Order

Page 158—Links to cases about professional licenses and if they are property subject to division in divorce.

Page 169—Enforceability of Prenuptial Agreements in Michigan

Page 173—Florida statue on Premarital Agreements

Page 175 and 176—Federal Estate Tax

Page 184—Michigan Code Section: 750.335 Lewd and lascivious cohabitation and gross lewdness

Page 192—Michigan Eligible Domestic Relations Orders

Page 196—Examples of a QRDO for Michigan employees

Page 201—YouTube video on an $8.5 million dollar guardianship abuse case

Page 206—Esquire: Netflix’s Dirty Money Dives Into the Tragic World of Guardianship Scams

Page 211—Michigan non-military affidavit

Page 211—Federal Government website with insight into military divorces

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