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As this book was coming together, it became clear that readers would need additional tools in order to prepare for a divorce, deal with the divorce as it was ongoing, and for life after divorce. While we wish there was a magic wand we could wave over the problems readers will face, the best we can do with our free tools is to help with some of the financial issues.

Online Budgeting Tool

Understanding your financial situation is very important when pre- and post-divorce. Most people do NOT keep a budget. In the context of divorce, you MUST know your budget (can you afford to get divorced yet, can you pay your bills during the divorce, and what does your budget look like after the divorce).

FREE Online Budget App—we created an online budgeting app that allows you to save data as you go and update it at any time. To use the app, click here. *If you sign up for either the budget or debt snowball app, you will get access to both (so you don’t need to sign up for both).

Debt Snowball App

Many people have credit card, auto, and other debt. When you see the math and how much interest you pay by not paying down high interest credit card debt, you will be amazed. With this simple little app, you can see the numbers for yourself and also see what happens when you apply extra payments to pay down this type of debt. It will amaze you and it only takes a few minutes to setup/use. To try our debt snowball app., click here.

10-Module Financial Literacy Course

While The Divorce Planning Guidebook does a good job of going over the basic financial issues as well as life insurance, annuities, etc. there is only so much space in the book. For those who want to truly educate themselves on financial matters, this 10-module course is a must. You can take it online self-study or you can watch educational videos. At the end of each section of the course is a 10-question exam so you can test your new found knowledge. The retail price of this course is $75, but if you purchased this book, you can take it for free by clicking here.

*This course is NOT for advisors who if they want to be educated, can contact Roccy directly at

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