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Roccy M. DeFrancesco, Sr., JD, is a retired attorney of more than 30 years.
He was a litigator on with a special emphasis in divorce law. In addition, Sr.’s law practice
included estate planning, zoning, and real estate law. He is now retired and this book is a
compilation of his 30+ years of experience in law and helping divorce clients achieve a
positive outcome in an otherwise difficult area of law.  

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Roccy M. DeFrancesco, Jr, JD, CAPP, CMP, no longer practices law. He primarily educates/mentors/helps advisors (financial planners, CPAs, and attorneys) provide better advice to their clients. He’s written several different books including but not limited to Bad Advisors; Retiring Without Risk; Peace of Mind Planning, The Doctors Wealth Preservation Guide. Jr.’s part of the book covers financial matters during and after the divorce.

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